Living in Lynchburg

Things to Do: Lynchburg Attractions

Living at the Vista at Dreaming Creek Apartments put you in the center of everything Lynchburg has to offer! Surrounded by historical significance, the City of Lynchburg is an important part of America’s history. This culturally diversified city in the center of Virginia’s natural splendor has been home to some of our finest citizens and the scene of major Civil War events. Your Lynchburg apartment is surrounded by historic gardens, mansions, and battlefields. A rich cultural history has also fostered a home for the arts in a variety of forms, from quilting and gourmet cooking to music, dance, and fine art.

Lynchburg lies in a region of Virginia that is quickly becoming well known for fine wine and vineyards. The countryside is full of working farms that provide fine ingredients for some of the nation’s most appreciated chefs. Your Lynchburg apartment places you at the center of this exciting community.

You can explore the best of living in Lynchburg just outside your door! Below is a small sample of the many attractions near by:

World Class Gourmet Food: Lynchburg Dining

Dining in LynchburgLiving in your apartment in Lynchburg has so many benefits, and one of the most obvious is the outstanding food, from gourmet to country kitchen. World class chefs have access to the bountiful produce and fresh farm meat and poultry and use those ingredients to create dishes that have made Lynchburg, Virginia a culinary destination.

The abundance of farm-to-table products in Lynchburg near The Vistas Apartments makes it possible for you to be an amazing chef in your own apartment as well! Lynchburg’s excellent butcher shops, farm-fresh produce markets, and even artisan chocolates and coffees are all easy to find to add to your table. From local to exotic, it’s all within your reach at the Vistas Apartments in Lynchburg!

Below is a sampling of the many wonderful dining and market choices available in Lynchburg:

Lynchburg Shopping near The Vistas Apartments

Shopping in Lynchburg, VAYour Lynchburg apartment places you in a unique shopping environment. The small-town spirit is still very much a part of the Lynchburg community, with shops that represent this. Friendly merchants and a variety of shopping choices make Lynchburg the perfect place to look for furnishings for your apartment, a special gift, or that special something you just can’t find anywhere else.

Lynchburg shopping near The Vistas Apartments includes everything – quaint small town hobby shops and high-end clothing and furniture stores. Lynchburg offers a diverse array of choices that allows you to get exactly what you want when you go out shopping. This is the place to make the most of the good life.

You’ll want to experience Lynchburg shopping for yourself from your Vistas Lynchburg Apartment. Below is a list of suggestions to help you get started.